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My name is Adrian Lima. I'm 22 years old. I came to tampa  right before turning 19 years old from Miami,FL. Barbering has changed my life ever since! I grew up in a barbershop in Homestead,FL  called head hunterz where my uncle Jesse Lima use to cut hair at. I would sweep the hair for $2 from each barber to keep me off the streets. When i was in 11th grade i made up my mind to become a barber like my uncle. I came to visit him in Tampa and told him "I want to be a barber". He bought me everything i needed to start cutting hair. So i came back and started cutting up my homies around the neighborhood, then started driving house to house for $5. I graduated high school  month later i moved to brandon to start a new life. In two weeks of living here in brandon i started to attend school to get my license to start cutting hair professionally. 10 months later i pass my test and started working at my uncle Jesse Lima at 6ixthelement barbershop, been here since. Now i been here 4 years later i have 10 throphys, travel to different shows around the country and starting to educate other barbers the knowledge I've gain through out the years.